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22 Years, 0 Months - A Checkpoint

Today marks my twenty-second trip around the sun. Pretty crazy how scary time feels once you've hit about twenty-one; seems like that's all you ever grow-up wishing for: time to pass quickly so you can hit certain age milestones. I guess I never really thought about what life would be like or how precious I'd view time after twenty-one.
  A lot has happened this year:

I moved out of my parents' and into my own house back in October with my dog, Popeye,Joey and I finally decided, after almost three years of being engaged, to set a wedding date,Joey moved homes in September,I moved into his house in May,I quit my two jobs in my hometown,I started a new job about thirty minutes from my house,I bought a freaking wedding dress (huge real-life moment for me),And my soon-to-be brother and sister-in-law had their baby.
  Among all of that, there have been plenty of laughs, rough days, tears shed, scary moments, anxiety attacks, angry times, and everything that comes along wi…

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